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Coming back with another icon pack, another one with icons in 32x32 resolution, but this time containing Sci-Fi, Modern, and some Survival Horror icons. This pack contains:

  • 255 separated icons, in 32x32 resolution, all .png files
  • 1 spritesheet containing all of the icons

Icons Include:

  • User interface icons like mute, unmute, resize, search, shop, talk, buy, block, download, radioactive, save, exit, and more;
  • Variated typed of food, fast food like burgers and fries, meat, soups, sweets, donuts, drinks like beer, cola and juice;
  • Clothing like shirts, jackets and stuff;
  • Melee weapons like bat, knife, hammer, crowbar and so on;
  • Ranged weapons like rifles, pistols, shotguns, stun guns, and sci-fi guns as well.;And also bullets;
  • Money related items like cash, credit cards, wallet, jewelry;
  • Medical and science related items like a first aid kid, meds, syringe, glasses, uranium and spaceships;
  • Phones, tablets and computer related items like CPU, RAM, keyboard, mouse, headphones, VR Glasses, USB stick;
  • And much more;

(The screenshots are slightly tilted to show more icons at once, but the actual icons are not tilted)


You can use these icons in any project, commercial or not. Even if it's not a game. You can modify the files for personal use, but you cannot share them, or upload anywhere else. Giving credit is not mandatory, but I'll appreciate if you do.

If you have any questions you can comment here.

You can also check out my other resources if you want:

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Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Hi, are these able to be used in an online web game for players to collect and craft with in game? We have disabled right click to download, just wanted to be sure since it said it couldn't be uploaded. 

Yup, you can!

Awesome set! Will work amazing for my cyberpunk game I'm making in MZ.

Nice pack of Sci Fi weapons and Modern things :)

2 quick questions!

1- is a sniper rifle included as one of the gun icons?

2- if i were to use these, i may want to increase the outline by an additional pixel in order to match with the art style of another graphics/tileset pack that i own (and slightly resize some icons as a result). but i noticed that the description states "You can modify the files for personal use".  Does this mean that i would violate your terms of use if i were to modify the icons by adding an extra outline, then sell an rpg maker game which makes use of those icons with the modification? I just wanted to be sure i understood correctly.

thank u!


1. Yes it is.

2. No, that wouldn't violate the terms of use, feel free to modify the files for your game.

Does this pack offer support for Game Maker Studio?

The icons can be used in any game engine. But if you have any problems adapting it on the Game Maker Studio (if they use a specific template) I'd be glad to help.

Are there any plans for these icons to be 48x48? I use RPG Maker MZ and I'd like to purchase these and have them as a pickup item ingame. I tried the demo image below but they're a tad small. I assume they were 32x32 thus why the laptop lid was cut off when I tested it.

Sorry, but currently there are no plans for making these icons 48x48.

What you can do (if you want to) is crop the icons you'll use and put them into a template like this one.

Just position every icon into an individual square using image editing software and removing the squares afterwards.

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Hello, do you think you can upload a demo spritesheet with a few items please? I really love these but honestly I have no idea if the color palette and style of this fits my current game art. I'd like a demo before purchasing if that's alright.

Thank you.


No problem, here you go.

Thank you so much! They look great so I bought them!!

Though...I'm not sure if I can request one item...I'd really like an ID card (that looks something like this).

I'm making a project for school so I need modern items, this is the best modern pack I've found so far but no card ;_; Do you think it's possible for it to be added?

Thank you again!

I'm sorry, I do not tend to add items, so everyone who got it has the same ones.

I don't understand what you mean by "same ones", once you add things and update the files, everyone who already bought (and will buy) the pack also gets access to the updates. This is why there are packs out there which keeps updating after release.

But I understand if you choose to not add things. Thanks anyway.

Very Cheap and beautifull Icons here. Hope you will make more Sc-Fi Icons in the Future. Like Grenades, Futuristic Swords, Augmentations etc... :) Good Work!

Thanks! Good suggestion, I'll include those in the next one.