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This is the second RPG Icon Pack released by me, this time almost double the amount of icons, in 16x16 resolution, but you can still use it upscaled to 32x32 if you like, and it'll work just fine.

This pack contains:

  • 431 separated icons, in 16x16 resolution, all .png files
  • Upscaled version to 32x32
  • 1 spritesheet containing all of the icons
  • 1 spritesheet containing all of the icons upscaled to 32x32

Icons Include:

  • User Interface, like buttons, keys, arrows and the like
  • Balooons with emotions
  • Magic icons for fire, wind, water, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Tools like shovels, pickaxes, saws, hammers and others.
  • Potions
  • Armor, including helmets, chestplates and shields.
  • Weapons, including swords, axes, bows, staffs, spears, claws, shurikens.
  • General items like books, buckets, coins, ores, gems, wood and other kinds of things.


You can use these icons in any project, commercial or not. You can modify the files for personal use, but you cannot share them, or upload anywhere else. You can give credit if you want, but it's not mandatory.

If you have any questions you can comment here.

Good development! o/

- Kazzter

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GenreRole Playing
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Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Do you have the Green Swords in the other packs (32x32)?


Nope. We have other swords, but those two specific green swords are exclusive to the 16x16 pack.

Hi Kazzter! I was interested in using these for a game in an online forum, but you said you cannot upload or share them anywhere else. Would I be able to use individual icons in the forum game? It would require me to upload certain sprites to am image hosting site. I was interested in using the tools and general items for the most part. It's a non commercial pokemon roleplaying fan site!


Yes you can. What I mean by upload is directly sharing the actual files (like in a folder) for other people to download. Using the files on a website is completely fine.

Thanks! <3 Love the icon set!


you should add a music toggle as well as sound on your packages.


Eles crescem tão rápido.


gostei do seu pack, depois quando eu for fazer a parte dos icones eu dou uma olhada melhor, parabens!!